Developing your sculptor’s skills can be a long, but incredibly rewarding, journey. One of the most important techniques to develop is the replication of those features that make a human figure appear truly realistic. Hands and feet, in particular, have been a challenge for artists for hundreds of years and it has long been acknowledged that, when mastered, can turn a good sculptor into a great one. This is why Andrew, and the team at The Sculpture School, have developed the 4-day course ‘Specialist Techniques: Face, Feet & Hands’.

This workshop is designed to help you overcome those barriers and achieve consistent and professional results every time. In practical hands-on sessions with master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc, you will learn how to make accurate life-size features of the human hand, foot, ear and a generic head. Each is broken down into elements of measurement, design and shape in a straightforward step by step process. You’ll learn the unique skills we use in our professional working studio, enabling you to create these crucial features in a superbly realistic way. 

If you are just starting out in sculpture this workshop provides you with a brilliant reference library of figurative sculpture skills. For experienced sculptors this is an opportunity to up-skill and expand your talent repertoire.

Our next course is this August, click HERE for more details.