We love to hear what our students think of the courses we run. We work hard to ensure that we are delivering inspiration and information in equal parts to help students of all levels develop their skills. Every now and then a student gives us feedback that makes us blush with pride:

“Andrew Sinclair has brilliantly developed an organised figurative sculpting method which can only be described as a breakthrough.  After a humbling (and often unorganised) decade of courses with sculptors in Florence, Paris and New York, I had almost lost hope that I would never be able to design my own sculptures or apply the anatomical importance I wanted in figurative sculpture.  

 Within the first two days of working with Andrew, I knew these courses would help develop some of the critical anatomy and design skills needed to better my work in a meaningful way.  Luckily, Andrew also teaches you to be kind to yourself and has a great sense of humour which makes the process light-hearted and entertaining. 

 Andrew discloses a lifetime’s worth of knowledge in modules which is very precious – each module is as important as the other and I highly recommend taking multiple courses.  You walk away from each module with the books written by Andrew which are an indispensable reference and rare asset to all sculptors. 

 A further massive thank you to Diane for the well needed teatime, warm lunches and keeping the program running in such an organised way.”

– Lysanne Legare