We love what we do. It is an honour to be able to pass on our passion for realist sculpture to students and guests. So, it is fantastic when we hear back from students who have been with us. This is what Nick, who took our Portrait Sculpture course this January, had to say:

“It is not often in life that one encounters someone who can both “Do” and “Teach.” Usually it is one or the other but that is definitely not the case with Andrew Sinclair at “The Sculpture School.” Examples of his work greet you from the moment you enter the driveway and you instantly begin to wonder how on earth you are ever going to be able to produce something even remotely like that!

Once you meet Andrew and the course begins, however, you soon realise that, although enormous talent is required to produce a realistic sculpture, enormous amounts of logical technique are just as important…. and technique can be learned.

Throughout his teaching, Andrew gives you a set of steps, rules and measurements that, if followed precisely, will result in you producing a realistic portrait sculpture. He also guides you on a one to one basis if necessary, helping you get out of problems that the inevitable deviation from those steps creates.

The course is taught in practical stages with Andrew sculpting along with you. He demonstrates a process and then you immediately practice that same technique on your own sculpture, that way theoretical learning is instantly reinforced with practical experience.

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Sculpture School and I was delighted with what I learned. The course was inspiring, exciting and beautifully taught in an informative but never cold and impersonal way. From the moment I stepped through the door and was greeted by Diane I felt totally at ease. It is also important to point out that the lunches, cakes and other treats provided were absolutely delicious!

I would recommend The Sculpture School without hesitation to anyone wanting to begin sculpting or to hone their skills, whether they are an amateur or aspiring professional. I will definitely be back!”

Nick Davis, Jan 2022 Portrait Sculpture Level I/ II