Expertise at close hand

Learn from the very best. Our tutors are not only well – established sculptors in their own right but offer expert tuition with warmth and passion. 

Andrew Sinclair MRSS

Andrew Sinclair MRSS is an award winning sculptor whose recent public commissions include the David Bowie Sculpture “The Earthly Messenger” (Aylesbury UK 2018) and The Duke of Wellington Regimental Memorial Sculpture. (to be unveiled Halifax May 2019) 

Andrew’s sculptures are unique in their highly skilled attention to detail and this aspect of his work makes them resonate with life, adding a quality of realism rarely seen in contemporary sculpture today. 

With over 25 years of sculpting experience, Andrew’s is a true authority on sculpture, design, anatomy and the human form. A passionate sculptor, Andrew will work with you to fully develop your inherent artistic capability. He is a very rare person in the sculpture world: his skills and talents extend across every aspect of the sculpture process, from the design, sculpture, moulding and casting, to engineering and installation.

His first book ‘The Art of Earth and Fire’ was published in 31st July 2017. 

This debut book has already received acclaim from leading artist and sculptor Wendy Froud, who said: “Andrew Sinclair’s book, The Art of Earth and Fire, is a revelation. His techniques for teaching the complexities of anatomy, proportion and muscle structure are the clearest and most precise I’ve ever had the pleasure of discovering. 

Andrew is the co-founder of The Sculpture School, in Devon, which attracts students from around the world to learn from this master sculptor.

Diane Coates

Diane’s fascination with dynamic form, anatomical detail and sensuous line is the foundation of her work. Already an established painter and pastel artist, her career in sculpture began following her BA (Fine Art) degree in 2004. Her highly collectible bronze sculptures of sensual female nudes are in private collections throughout Europe and the Middle East. 

Working with Andrew Sinclair MRSS in his professional sculpture studio this became the catalyst for her discovery of how sculpture should really be created. With a fervent belief that figurative art is wholly neglected in formal art education, Diane is passionate about teaching excellence in sculpture skills and craftmanship which led her and Andrew to establish The Sculpture School in 2010.

Richard Balman

Richard Balman has a wealth of knowledge and experience moulding & casting the works of talented sculptors up and down the country and overseas.

He runs his own foundry in Axminster, Devon and is a visiting tutor to The Sculpture School to enable us to run moulding & casting workshops. We have been working with Richard for a number of years and are delighted to have him support in the teaching our students the fundamental skills, taking them through the process step by step to ensure they produce a great cast.

David Snoo Wilson

David Snoo Wilson specialises in the beautiful alchemy of melting metal. His aim is to create a hub that will draw in local artists and to share skills that are frequently overlooked by art institutions.

Thanks to his travelling, portable foundry he is another visiting tutor who teaches our students skills in metal casting, guiding them through the intricate processes and enabling them to master the techniques of this specialist art which dates back to the Romans.

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