Turn your dream into reality!

The Sculpture School’s One Year Realist Sculpture Course is the ONLY course that takes budding sculptors from amateur beginnings to having all the skills and techniques they need to become professional realist sculptors in just twelve months.

That’s not to say you can’t take a little longer if you need more flexibility. That’s exactly what one of our students has done – Natasha began her sculpture journey with us in early 2021, she’s now completed the 12-month programme with us across 18 months and is well on the way to becoming a self-employed sculptor!

In Natasha’s own words, here’s what studying with us has meant to her:

“I have had the pleasure and privilege to spend the last eighteen months learning to sculpt at The Sculpture School.
I started this creative adventure with a one-day taster course in late 2019 and was totally inspired. I went onto do two more courses before I committed to the one-year course. I was working full time but used all my holiday and a sabbatical I was owed (and hadn’t taken because of the pandemic) to enable myself to grab this unique opportunity. It has been a challenging and fantastic experience.

Personally, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me, there were a number of changes going on in my life and this course gave me the escape I needed.
Andy has imparted a method and the tools I need to be able to continue my journey to becoming a sculptor. I love the dependability and science of the method which is then topped off with a large dollop of creativity.

Andrew Sinclair and his friendly team were so encouraging and for someone of his standing and reputation to give students access to his years of knowledge and expertise is truly special.”