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World renowned realist figurative sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc has brought together a complete range of professional sculpture tools all in one place. In response to a frustration at not being able to find the professional quality of tools he demands for his work, Andrew has sourced the very best, and where necessary, devised and produced, his own. Now, amateur and professional sculptors alike have access to the very finest performing sculpture tools available.

Tools & Equipment

Instructional Aids

Sinclair Method Figurative Charts

The Sculpture School’s Figurative charts are essential to fully understand the Sinclair Method of sculpting. Created and designed by Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc the Figurative Charts to clearly demonstrate the principles behind his professional sculpting method. His concepts of Dynamic and Energy Curves, Vital Proportional Features and Design Criteria are unique to The Sculpture School, and they enable students to create lifelike, beautifully proportioned figurative sculptures when applied in conjunction with anatomical knowledge.

The charts and Andrew’s book ‘The Professional Approach to Sculpting – The Human Figure’ are unique and indispensable resources for anyone serious about creating realist figurative sculptures. By working with these guides you will have an invaluable resource of anatomical knowledge, design skills and sculpture techniques, ideal for both beginner and experienced sculptors.


Vouchers & Cards