This could be the start of your sculpture journey!

Learning the art of realist sculpture can be an inspirational journey for life. Even those with no experience can go on this journey with us, developing the skills you need to create truly realistic figure and animal sculptures time and again.

Our courses are created so that you can develop your skills steadily over time. Many people start with one of our popular Taste of Sculpture Days – a day’s workshop creating a full human figure. For those bitten by the bug, we then recommend our 4-Day Figurative course. From there the world is your sculptor’s oyster. We even offer online courses and tools for you to practice your skills from home.

Taste of Sculpture Day

Figurative 4-Day

Practice at Home – Online Figurative

Specialist Techniques – 4-Day

Portrait 4-Day

Practice at Home – Online Portrait

We have just launched our Courses calendar for 2023. Check all up coming courses HERE