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Dec 11, 2018

The Importance of Profiles.


It is amazing how, when aiming to achieve realism within our sculpture, we often use abstract concepts in the early stages of sculpting. Using the profile is crucial to the sculpting process. We always consider and work with the profile first when beginning the initial clay application.

  • At the Sculpture School, whenever we approach a new aspect of the figure or the face we always study and apply the clay profile first.
  • When placing the Dynamic Curves onto the human figure armature, we first apply the clay to the side profile, before moving on to the full-frontal Dynamic Curve.
  • In portrait sculpture the first aspect of the head we work with is the side profile, applying the clay to match our subject’s profile silhouette.
  • People are instantly recognisable by their profile, whether it’s their full body or head.
  • Nail the profile first and you immediately achieve a likeness!


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