These are the tools we provide on our sculpture workshops. Each student has their own workstation supplied with everything they will need for the duration of their course. If you are just starting to sculpt from home, we would highly recommend everything you see in the photograph! These are the essential tools you’ll need to follow the Sinclair Method of sculpting as described in Andrew Sinclair’s book The Art of Earth and Fire.

The boxwood sculpture blades, the back-iron and the figurative charts are all available to purchase from our online shop: Andrew’s book ‘The Art of Earth and Fire’ is available on Amazon: Everything else can be found from good sculpture equipment suppliers e.g.: Tiranti’s : and Potterycrafts:

Here’s the list – clock-wise, starting from the back:

  1. School buff water-based clay
  2. Armature wire – small gauge
  3. Back-iron & mdf baseboard
  4. The Art of Earth & Fire book by Andrew Sinclair – beautifully illustrated guide to sculpting using the Sinclair Method
  5. Turntable/whirler
  6. Full set of Figurative charts: male or female
  7. Vernier callipers
  8. Calculator
  9. Golden Mean Callipers
  10. Sculpture callipers
  11. Clay-cutter wire tool
  12. Clay (lead) dresser
  13. Metal rule
  14. Pencil
  15. Edding white marker
  16. Sharpie pen
  17. Small flat-head paint brushes
  18. Ribbon tools – square edged: 1 large & 1 small. (Add your own grooves with Dremel tool) 1 Small round ribbon tool
  19. Sinclair Sculpting Blades x4: C1-C4 ideal (or full set of 6)
  20. Spanners – small x 2
  21. Long nose pliers x1
  22. Wire-cutter
  23. Pliers x 2
  24. Spray water bottle