Sinclair Sculpture Tools Student Calipers


Pair of 200mm metal sculptor’s measuring calipers.


Pair of 200mm metal sculptor’s measuring calipers.

Designed by master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc, the production of these student calipers is a flash of brilliance. Led by the frustration of using poorly made and designed calipers during his 30-year professional career, Andrew felt compelled to create his own. As with other sculpture tools, like the boxwood sculpting blades, Andrew has now developed this economical student version of his bespoke caliper design.

  • Laser-cut from sheet aluminium, the smooth glide of the caliper arms makes measuring a pleasure and a sculptor’s life much easier
  • Accurate points for perfect measurements every time
  • There are two arm movements: 1. Opening out for 3D measurement in the round and 2. Crossing over for measuring vertical or horizontal distance eg. distance between nose and lips
  • Best of all, the central fixing mechanism ensures their stability, keeping your precious measurements accurate, saving you time and hassle.
  • Their modern design is simple ergonomics and makes them practical and effective
  • The perfect for students and starters alike