Making an Armature – The Human Figure




This unique online course shows you the professional way to create a beautifully proportioned figure armature. A good armature is the foundation of every good sculpture. A bad armature undermines a sculpture from the very start and inhibits your talent, causing stress and anxiety.

This inspirational course is like no other online. Here award-winning sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc shares secrets from his 30-year professional career. Not only will it teach you how to make an armature, but you will be able to create a strong, solid foundation that will support your clay-work, keeping it stable, with no ‘whip’ or wobble.

An excellent armature is crucial to the design process of sculpture – and this armature-making course gives your figure exact proportions, and placements for the elbows, knees and hips.

Creating professional armatures gives you confidence and ensures you develop the techniques to produce professional sculptures time and again.

A Free Downloadable Armature Chart is included with this course.

Making an Armature – The Human Figure is an essential addition to our online Figurative Sculpture Course.

You can view and take this course here: Making an Armature – The Human Figure