We are here for the journey: Learning the art of realist sculpture can be an inspirational journey for life. Even those with no experience can join us on the road to developing the specialist skills needed to create beautifully realistic figure and animal sculptures every time. Our courses provide you with the ultimate foundation of sculpture skills and techniques on which to build your talent. If you can’t make it to our Devon studios, don’t worry, we can support you by providing online videos and teaching aids including Andrew Sinclair’s highly respected book outlining the techniques he teaches. All this helps build your confidence as a sculptor and gives you the skills to work on your own to create stunning realistic figurative and animal sculptures.

This is the experience of one of our students based in The US who has worked with Andrew’s book and figurative online video course:

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to become a better sculptor both traditionally and digitally. Let me share my personal experience with Andrew’s book and course. I had a desire to learn sculpture but no previous experience in sculpting and no local classes to join, so I thought I would try Andrew’s book. This book took me through a series of easy steps to construct an anatomically correct figure with zero previous knowledge. Having sculpted my first figure I was hooked. I raced to build several more sculptures each time pushing the poses, improving in speed and improving results. Convinced now I had a love for sculpting I enrolled into my first class at an art school in Toronto.  It was clearly evident after those first few sessions that Andrew had succeeded in teaching me a very strong understanding of proportions and a solid understanding of the anatomy that was occurring underneath the skin of the life model.  I found myself at an intermediate level with no other source other than his book.  I don’t want to understate the importance of life modeling, however it allowed me to jump straight to focusing on more advanced aspects of sculpting natural looking forms from a model without having to struggle with proportion and anatomy. With the release of his online course I felt compelled to see Andrew take me though his book. Having gone through this course I can say it covers all the great information in his book with the added advantage of seeing Andrew construct along with you. It is straightforward and very well taught. If you are a visual person this is a great method to learn.”

The Professional Approach to Sculpting (The Human Figure)