Inspite of Covid19 – we are working hard to keep our students and staff as safe as possible – we DO have a sculpture workshop running this week! Keeping Calm and Carrying-On in true British spirit! We will, of course, observe government advice – if needs be we’ll be broadcasting some LiveFeeds on Facebook if we’re all ultimately confined to barracks for a few weeks.

It’s Day 1 of our Animal Sculpture Course today! Delighted we have been able to go ahead – we are being pro-active with our Covid19 precautions: social distancing- our 8 students are all spaced over a metre apart, we have hand washing & hand gel procedures, no handshakes just elbow-bumps & Morris-dancing and anti-bac cleaning of door handles and counters every 2 hours! Sincerely, we hope we can continue with our monthly courses but obviously we are having to adapt according to the government guidelines each day.

We were expecting 12 students but some had to return to their homes abroad (USA & Sweden) but we are so happy that 8 people have come to Devon for some sculptural inspiration in the lovely fresh Devon countryside.

So, today our students have learned how to make their animal armatures and have now begun the first stage of the Rapid Sketch Technique, using measurements to create their animal’s profiles.