A number of years ago Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc was asked by Ascot Racecourse to create a bas-relief sculpture of HM Queen Elizabeth II, along with those of all the monarchs who have reigned since the racecourse was founded. Following her death, the bas relief will now take its place in the Royal Box.

Andrew was commissioned to create a series of bas-relief plaque portraits for the Royal Box at Ascot Racecourse. The course has always had a close association with the royal family, being only six miles from Windsor Castle, and the commission was to create portraits of all the monarchs who have reigned since the racecourse was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne. Andrew researched eachmonarch extensively and worked closely with both historians and the Royal Mint to ensure detailed likenesses. He worked directly from the original historic drawings of the coins from each monarch’s reign. The bas-relief plaques are now positioned along the concourse of the Royal Box at the racecourse. Andrew was also commissioned to create the coat of arms that adorns both the inside, and famously, the outside of the royal box.

The Queen personally chose her favourite profile image from the original Royal Mint drawings. Royal protocol dictated that her bas-relief image was not allowed to be revealed to the public until her reign ended. It will be an honour to see the late HM Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait in its rightful place in due course.