28th March – 2nd April, 10.00am – 4.00pm

We are excited to announce the inaugural Graduate Sculpture Show, starting on Monday 28th March. This is our One Year Students’ first opportunity to show their work and curate their own exhibition here at The Sculpture School. We are extremely proud of their achievements and look forward to sharing their exhibition with you.
The Sculpture School’s groundbreaking One Year Realist Sculpture Course showcases the achievements of their 2022 graduates.

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The Students showcasing their work are:


“We are, I believe, storytellers. We tell each other stories to better understand ourselves and the world we live in. That’s why I find mythology to be the perfect lens through which to explore life. As a writer I used to revel in the malleability and beauty of words. When I lost the ability to write, thanks to chronic illness, I was left searching for a way to communicate.

“With clay I began to construct a visual language. I’m drawn to the immediacy of clay, its ability to be monumental and still capture the delicacy of a fingerprint. That statement alone exposes my fascination with juxtaposition; with the tension between the expected and the surprising; the first glance which turns into a doubletake. Look again and look deeper, that’s what my work encourages you to do. It’s contemporary, yes, realistic, yes, but always more than it seems.”



“I have always had an interest in sculpture. In nursery I used to make figures out of tinfoil. In Year One I was accused of stealing plasticine multiple times and all the way up to Year Six I kept a good-sized lump of blu-tac in my pocket to model during lessons. At thirteen, I completed several workshops with the forensic sculptor Eleanor Crook.

“I recently read a quote by Carl Jung which read “What did you do as a child that made the hours pass like minutes? Herein lies the key to your earthly pursuits”, for me this was sculpting, and I followed this path. My inspiration stems from my interest in Anthropology, strength training, and human behaviour. As Lao Tzu said, “There is no secret of the soul that behaviour does not reveal”, swap behaviour for form, and you have the perfect mantra for figurative sculpture.”


“I am a fine art, realist figurative sculptor, fascinated by both the form of my subjects and by capturing their essence, whether they are animal, beast or human. I work primarily in clay, then use moulding, casting and colouring techniques to arrive at each finished piece or limited edition. I aim to breathe life into clay to fashion expressive pieces which convey emotion and, I hope, a deep connection with the viewer.

“Whilst my works are ultimately realistic, I will often leave parts of my sculptures rough to allow the unadulterated nature of the clay to remain. Threatening, alert, whimsical or joyful – my goal is that my work conjures an emotional response in the viewer and that you might join me in connecting with my creations through your own eyes.”



“My passion for clay modelling and self-expression began at university, while studying psychology and art. It continued alongside my professional practice as an art therapist in NHS Mental Health Services and freelance work. Since 2005 I have specialised in figurative sculpture with life models, both human and animal. This past year I have immersed myself in sculpting based on complex anatomy, figurative studies, appreciating & creating structure to define the form as authentically as possible.

“I am greatly inspired by the natural beauty in everyday life …. I love trying to capture essence and character, to tell a story & share the love of what I see and enjoy most.”



“I was six years old when I first encountered sculpture. Sitting for Charmian Fearnley (1932-2012) while she sculpted my portrait, I remember thinking how magical it was to take a lump of clay and transform it into something special. It didn’t cross my mind at the time that I, too, would become a sculptor. Instead, I pursued a career in food styling for TV, cook books and magazines, which, coincidentally involved sculpting in pastry and fondant.

“Naturally, as soon as I heard about The Sculpture School, I became Andy’s first One Year student. It was the best decision I‘ve ever made. The training has opened up my world on so many levels, not just learning to sculpt, which I find immensely satisfying, but also researching projects, learning anatomy and gaining an increased appreciation of sculptural art. Sculpting is my new ‘happy place’ so I relish the prospect of a new career specialising in wildlife and portrait sculpture.”



“I am a creative explorer. My motto in life is ‘have a go (at everything)’. This mindset, passed onto me by my late father, has seen me adventuring my way through life. I am a voracious learner and acquiring new skills and experiences is one of my greatest pleasures. My latest adventure has become my obsession. I completed a taster day with Andrew Sinclair at The Sculpture School and discovered a new passion.

“The structure of Andrew’s method, it’s dependability and simple rules mean that I can successfully create a sculpture without relying on the whimsy of my eyes and the deeply unreliable human brain. This, along with the creative process of constructing/shaping a form that has presence, exists in space and provokes emotion made figurative sculpture irresistible to me. For me, Sculpture is finding something that inspires me, capturing the character of that subject, enhancing it to the best version of itself and, ultimately, immortalising it.”