Welcome to The Sculpture School’s One Year Realist Sculpture Course

Hidden amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful Devon countryside is a sculptor’s studio and school delivering something truly unique – the ONLY course that takes budding sculptors from amateur beginnings to having all the skills and techniques they need to become professional realist sculptors in just twelve months.

“There is no course like it outside of Florence!”

Described by one alumnus as delivering an education like “no other course outside of Florence”, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for just a handful of talented students. With a strictly limited internship of only five students, this intensive course is led by one of the world’s leading realist sculptors, Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc. Under his careful guidance students are taken through a rigorous curriculum that focusses on understanding the design, proportion and anatomy of human and animal figures to create beautifully realistic, professional sculptures.

The course covers every aspect of sculpting including: armature-making; sculpting the human figure; human portraiture; specialist anatomical techniques; animal sculpture and moulding and casting. Personal assignments are set between workshops, with the expectation that all students study and learn their anatomy using The Sculpture School’s unique teaching methods. Business and marketing modules are included to help students set up as commercial sculptors on completion of the course. With the creative arts notoriously difficult to build a career in, this approach is both extremely rare and innovative.

The ONLY one-year course that teaches the skills to work as a professional realistic sculptor.

Case Study: Before undertaking The Sculpture School’s intensive One Year Realist Sculpture Course Sarah had, by her own admission, merely flirted with sculpture and the creative arts. “I was always passionate about art, and in particular sculpture, but found it difficult to know how to begin. It had always been an ambition of mine to do something professional in the arts, but where to start?” Having tried a few other art courses, Sarah joined The Sculpture School’s One-Year programme in April 2021. Twelve months later she is working from her own studio creating works for sale and commission and has signed up for a second year follow-up course to hone her skills further. “At our end-of-year show I sold all the pieces I had created and it more than paid for the course. I realised at that point that with the right guidance I could make my passion for sculpture actually become a career.”


Sarah is not alone, a number of the students who have been through The Sculpture School are now working as self-employed sculptors running their own businesses. Andrew Sinclair and Diane Coates-Sinclair, co-directors and founders of The Sculpture School delight in their students’ progress: “It is such a huge pleasure to see students move onto their own independent sculpture careers. Our passion has always been to share these vital skills and techniques for creating realistic figurative and animal sculptures with the next generation – skills that have sadly been lost from so many art schools.”

Do you want to become a professional sculptor?

If you believe you have the passion and potential to become a professional realist sculptor, this is the course for you. With strictly limited availability, The Sculpture School is NOW inviting applications for next year. Course starts April 2023. This really is an opportunity not to be missed! FIND OUT MORE HERE or email us at info@thesculptureschool.co.uk

“This course is an education for life – not just a certificate.”