Designed to suit everyone

Why we are different

Using a highly student centred and fresh approach, our 4 Day sculpture classes are designed to suit everyone whether you are a beginner, experienced or a professional. Through demonstrations, group tuition and individual coaching you will transform the way you work. Tap into our unrivalled knowledge and experience, unavailable via mainstream colleges and universities. Join us and learn by doing as you master our sculpture techniques.

Transform the way you work 

Unique to The Sculpture School is the Sinclair Method™ of Sculpture designed by master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS. This innovative method incorporates Design Criteria™, anatomy and proportion, using Dynamic and Energy Curves™, The Rapid Sketch Technique™.  Whatever your ability, this ground-breaking system will revolutionise the way you approach sculpture by breathing life and energy into your work. 

These techniques and methods are the core elements of all The Sculpture School’s courses and are the exact same processes that Andrew Sinclair MRSS employs in his professional sculpture commissions.

Course Materials

The Sculpture School provides bespoke materials and resources for each workshop. Designed by Andrew Sinclair MRSS for his professional working practice, you will be using armatures and back-irons we have made especially for us, as well as the boxwood Sinclair Sculpting Blades used during the courses.

Everything you need for your sculpture workshop is available for the duration of your study with us.

Figurative Sculpture


Central to all our figurative sculpture courses are the concepts of Dynamic Energy Curves (DEC) ™ and the Rapid Sketch Technique (RST) ™ which are proven, and recognised methods developed by Andrew Sinclair MRBS, and are unique to The Sculpture School. The Sinclair Method ™ enables sculptors to accurately create the anatomy of the human form every time.  

Experienced sculptors find DEC™ and RST ™ takes their work to the next level and frequently say they wish they had learnt these techniques much earlier in their careers.

If you are a beginner, DEC ™ and RST ™ will be your foundation for creating sculptures true to the human form. More to the point you will be well on your way to achieving this goal by the end of your course.

Materials included in the course fee: bespoke steel back-iron, base-board, armature wire, clay for sculpting, course reference manual, digital reference charts.

Figurative Sculpture Workshop Level 1

Through our unique methodology, you will discover the power of Design Criteria TM (Dynamic and Energy Curves ™) and proportional anatomy within the human figure: armature construction; the application of clay using the Rapid Sketch Technique™; the importance of measurement. Included in the workshop is a unique anatomy demonstration with a life-model where Andrew Sinclair MRBS illustrates how his methods work in reality. This course provides you with a superb foundation in sculpture skills and techniques, giving you the ability to create a beautifully proportioned human figure, to scale, which you will take home to continue working on. Whether you are new to sculpting or have some experience, our innovative teaching methods mean this is an inspiring workshop, suitable for all. 

Figurative Sculpture Workshop Level 2

A masterclass for the experienced sculptor, you will have already taken our Level 1 Figurative Sculpture Workshop. This course builds on the skills and techniques from our Level 1 course, especially with the emphasis on how measurements change once the body is in motion. Using our unique methods, you will learn how to breathe life and energy into a figure ‘in motion’.  From the initial design and construction of your armature, with a greater understanding of anatomy, Dynamic and Energy Curves ™, Design Criteria™, applying the clay using the Rapid Sketch Technique ™, working with accurate measurements, you will create a realistic human figure to scale, full of vitality and movement, taking your skills to a more professional level.  

Portrait Sculpture


Creating true likeness in portrait sculpture requires more than just correctly reproducing features, it is also vital to capture the true spirit of your subject. This Portrait Sculpture course will teach you the techniques and skills to realistically capture your subject’s likeness within your sculptures. 

Core to the methods taught during the courses is the proven Rapid Sketch Technique (RST) ™, which is part of the Sinclair Method ™ – unique to The Sculpture School. This ground – breaking system, along with our specially designed portrait armature, will give you the capability to capture the true likeness and the spirit of your subjects, whatever your experience. 

Materials included in the course fee: bespoke steel portrait head-stand with foam head, baseboard, clay for sculpting, course reference manual, model photographs.

Portrait Sculpture Level 1

This innovative workshop reveals the secrets that will enable you to create a true likeness in your portrait sculptures every time, no matter what your experience of sculpting is. Working with a portrait life model on Day 1, you will learn how to use photography for sculpture and how to effectively take portrait measurements.  You will learn our systematic approach to developing professional sculpture skills using the Sinclair Method of Sculpture, ™ which includes the Rapid Sketch Technique ™ of clay application. You will create a realistic life-size portrait head, to scale, which you will take home to continue working on Master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS, shares his professional techniques with you, revealing his unique way of how to capture the essence of the real person in your portrait sculpture. 

Advanced Portrait Sculpture Level 2

Taking your sculpture skills and techniques to another level, this master class is aimed at the more experienced sculptor who has already completed our Level 1 Portrait Sculpture Workshop. Focussing on how to capture the essence of the portrait’s character by adding facial expression and movement, you will discover the impact of measurements and how they change with something as simple as a smile. Working with a portrait life model on the first session, you will revise the Sinclair Method  of portrait measurement. You will also gain a greater understanding of the underlying facial anatomy, as master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRSS takes you through these next stages to attain professional sculpture skills. This course gives you the ability to create a realistic life-size portrait head, to scale, which you will take home to continue working on. 

Animal Sculpture


The Sculpture School’s inspirational instruction will teach you how to create superbly proportioned animal sculptures – the start of a fascinating journey into sculptural zoology, anatomy and design. 

By the use of direct proportion and composition, you will create a beautifully balanced and convincing animal sculpture, using Andrew Sinclair’s proven sculpting techniques: The Sinclair Method ™. This four – day course gives you the ability to create a realistic animal sculpture, to scale, which you will take home to continue working on. 

Materials included in the course fee: wire animal armature and base-board, clay for sculpting, course reference manual, digital reference charts.

Animal Sculpture

As with the human figure, animals have specific Design Criteria  and this workshop will teach you the designs, proportion and anatomy of a selected group of animals. Working with our unique Sinclair Method , you will discover exciting sculpture skills: how to make an armature, the Rapid Sketch Technique  for clay application, the importance of measurement, design and anatomy using our bespoke reference charts, enabling you to create a realistic animal to scale. For beginners not to be missed, for professionals already working in the industry, this is your chance to upskill and expand your talent repertoire. 

Animal Portrait Sculpture

This Animal Portrait workshop offers a unique approach to animal portraiture that captures the individuality of the animal. You will learn how to create a generic animal face through Andrew Sinclair’s ground-breaking Design Criteria methodology. Once the essence of the animal has been understood and modelled in clay, the specific characteristics of your animal subject will be applied to your sculpture. This approach is so important; giving you a strong foundation on which to build your developing sculpture skills and techniques. It enables you to avoid just copying what you think you see, so you can create a beautifully seen animal portrait way beyond your expectations.

As with the human portrait head, animals have very specific Design Criteria ™ and this workshop will teach you the designs, proportion and anatomy of a selected group of animal heads. Working with our unique Sinclair Method ™, you will discover exciting sculpture skills: the Rapid Sketch Technique ™ for clay application, the importance of measurement, design and anatomy using our bespoke reference charts, enabling you to create a realistic animal portrait head to scale. For beginners, this is a course not to be missed and for professionals already working in the industry, this is your chance to upskill and expand your talent repertoire.

This course works with the roots of the core design and brings amazing results.

Sculpture portrait stand supplied – teach how to take animal photos for sculpture in the studio and in the field. So you can set up professional practices for business or as an outstanding hobbyist.

Materials included in the course fee: bespoke steel animal portrait head-stand, baseboard, clay for sculpting, course reference manual, animal model photographs.

Specialist Sculpture Techniques: Face, Feet & Hands

Learn how to sculpt specific figurative features to achieve more realistic aspects in your sculptures.  In very practical sessions with master sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRBS, you will learn how to make accurate life-size features of the human hand, foot, ear and a generic head 

In this innovative 4-day workshop, the life-size features are broken down into elements of measurement, design and shape in a straightforward step by step process, using the RST ™ from The Sinclair Method ™.  You’ll learn the unique skills we use in our professional working studio, enabling you to create these crucial features in a superbly realistic way. 

If you are just starting out in sculpture, this workshop provides you with a brilliant reference library of figurative sculpture skills and techniques that you can always refer to as you progress your talents. For experienced sculptors this is your opportunity to upskill and expand your talent repertoire. 

As sculptors we sometimes avoid the tricky and difficult figurative aspects of realist sculpture such as feet, hands and facial features.   This workshop is designed to help you overcome those barriers and achieve consistent and professional results every time. 

Materials included in the course fee: hand armatures, generic head armature, assorted baseboards, clay for sculpting, course reference manual.

Taste of Sculpture 1 Day Workshop

Why not book on to one of our Taste of Sculpture workshops and try your hand at sculpting in clay. We have one in June and one supporting Devon Open Studios in September.

This fascinating one – day sculpting experience will give you the opportunity to create some features of the human face in clay which you can take away with you at the end of the session.   

This will also be a great opportunity for you to take a look around our new purposebuilt school, visit the studios and find out more about our Sculpture Workshops which run throughout the year.

Moulding & Casting Workshop

This three – day workshop is designed for you to learn about the essential skills of moulding and casting using current industry methods. Having already taken part in one of our sculpture workshops, this will give you the opportunity to understand the complete sculptural process.  

To complement our existing sculpture courses here at The Sculpture School, this workshop, led by our visiting tutor Rich Balman, will teach you the essential skills of casting in cold cast bronze.  

Whatever your previous experience or skill level, Rich will guide you through all the technical processes, enabling you to master the alchemy of moulding and casting so you understand the finishing processes of creating a sculpture.

At the end of the course you will receive a step – by – step guide on all the processes so that you can produce your own moulds at home.

For this workshop you will need to bring your own finished clay portrait head or similar simply shaped piece to be moulded and cast.

Bronze Casting Workshop

This five-day workshop is designed for you to learn about bronze casting using the lost wax process using ceramic shell. Bronze casting expert David Snoo Wilson will be bringing his ‘Travelling Foundry’ to the school along with his knowledge and expertise to inspire you.

Whatever your previous experience or skill level, David will guide you through all the intricate processes, enabling you to master the techniques of this specialist art, which dates back to the Romans.

This introductory Bronze casting course is very fast paced and a time intensive process so you are advised to bring a hand-sized item or smaller with you to cast into bronze. You are welcome to bring your own moulds, otherwise we will be using a wax-like clay to sculpt with.

The first two days will focus on wax working, while the third will focus on making the investment mould. The following 2 days will be the bronze pour and metal finishing.

At the end of the course you will take home your bronze casts.

Image by Nick Caro.

Create Your Own Retreat

To book The Sculpture School Studio for your own retreat, you will have studied with us before and understand the Sinclair Method of sculpting so that you are able to work on your own initiative. You will have the benefit of being surrounded by sculptures in a well-lit, inspiring space, have access to The School’s extensive reference library as well as guidance with your project from the tutors. Tuition from Andrew or Diane can be booked in advance by the ½ hour/hour.

Most importantly you will bring your own project ideas, references/sketch book etc., armature and baseboard ideally, although we can help get you started if needs be. Your sculpture project can be no larger than a life-size torso (due to health and safety implications).


£50 studio hire per day: 1 -10 days

Tuition with Andy at £40 per hour; with Diane £25 per hour – book in advance.

What’s included:

I bag of clay
Use of tools and workstations
Use of reference library
Use of kitchen equipment: free coffee & tea
Bring own lunches

 Other materials:

You are welcome to purchase items such as armature wire, tools etc. from our shop.


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