Bronze Casting Workshop

Bronze Casting Workshop

This four-day workshop is designed for you to learn about bronze casting using the lost wax process using ceramic shell. Bronze casting expert David Snoo Wilson will be bringing his ‘Travelling Foundry’ to the school along with his knowledge and expertise to inspire you.

Whatever your previous experience or skill level, David will guide you through all the intricate processes, enabling you to master the techniques of this specialist art, which dates back to the Romans.

This introductory Bronze casting course is very fast paced and a time intensive process so you are advised to bring a hand-sized item or smaller with you to cast into bronze. You are welcome to bring your own moulds, otherwise we will be using a wax-like clay to sculpt with. The first day will focus on wax working, while the second will focus on making the investment mould. The final 2 days will be the bronze pour and metal finishing.

At the end of the course you will take home your bronze casts.

£695 – Refreshments included. Bring a packed lunch.