Recent Bronze-Casting Workshop at The Sculpture School

David Snoo Wilson brought his ‘Travelling Foundry’ to the school last week in an inspiring 5 day introductory workshop. Designed especially for our students, they discovered all about the latest bronze-casting techniques using the lost-wax process and ceramic shell moulds. Two days were allowed for sculpting small pieces in wax, as well as collecting some of nature’s beauty in the form of leaves, shells and nuts for casting experiments. A long Wednesday was spent coating their creations in ceramic shell – allowing plenty of time for drying between each coat – studio doors were eventually closed at 9.30 pm as it had been a cold and wet day hampering the drying times! The bronze pour was exciting, with the students pairing up to do the bronze pour once the waxes had melted. The final process of fettling and patination all happened on the last day – with great results that can be seen on our Facebook page: