Teaching the Art of Realistic Sculpture

The Sculpture School is the country’s leading centre for realistic human and animal sculpture. We teach novices and professionals alike the skills needed to create lifelike sculptures time and time again.

“A brilliant course – what precious knowledge “

“As an ex-teacher I’ve never met a better teacher”

“Very informative and fun – inspiring!”

“I was really impressed with Andrew’s dedication, talent and ability as a teacher.”

“Now I know how much I didn’t know”

“Totally absorbing and uplifting”


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Ecorche figures – new to The Sculpture School

Ecorche figures – new to The Sculpture School

We are delighted to be the proud owners of a new army of model Ecorche figures - designed by Andrew Sinclair MRSS SWAc - to be used by our 1 Year Students during an Ecorche sculpture workshop later this year. Unlike other Ecorche models, ours will allow the students...

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