Teaching the Art of Realistic Sculpture

The Sculpture School is the country’s leading centre for realistic human and animal sculpture. We teach novices and professionals alike the skills needed to create lifelike sculptures time and time again.

WATCH THE TRAILER – ‘Sculpt A Realistic Human Figure’

“A brilliant course – what precious knowledge “

“As an ex-teacher I’ve never met a better teacher”

“Very informative and fun – inspiring!”

“I was really impressed with Andrew’s dedication, talent and ability as a teacher.”

“Now I know how much I didn’t know”

“Totally absorbing and uplifting”


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Award-Winning Sculptures

Award-Winning Sculptures

We are proud to announce that Andrew has recently been awarded ‘The Halifax Civic Trust Award’ for his stunning memorial sculpture commemorating The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. This powerful and arresting sculpture was commissioned to commemorate over 300 years of...

Why Hands & Feet Are So Important

Why Hands & Feet Are So Important

Developing your sculptor’s skills can be a long, but incredibly rewarding, journey. One of the most important techniques to develop is the replication of those features that make a human figure appear truly realistic. Hands and feet, in particular, have been a...

Celebrating 8 Years in Glorious Devon

Celebrating 8 Years in Glorious Devon

We can't quite believe it is 8 years this week since we re-located our studio and sculpture school to beautiful Devon. We are so grateful to have found our little bit of Devon heaven. We arrived to a stable containing goats and grounds of 3 paddocks! Work started on...